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ManuVital Care

Manulife ManuVital Care for Critical Illness Protection

What is ManuVital Care?

At affordable guaranteed premiums, ManuVital Care protects you and your family against financial uncertainty with substantial lump-sum benefits if critical illness (CI) ever strikes, with the flexibility for you to convert it to a more comprehensive CI plan later to suit your evolving needs.

How we got you covered

Covers up to 112 CIs and diseases

Covers 60 major critical illnesses, including cancer, heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke, 44 early stage critical illnesses, such as carcinoma-in-situ and early thyroid cancer, as well as 8 juvenile diseases1 such as severe asthma.

Solid, affordable CI protection

Offers you cost-effective protection, whether you are looking for essential critical illness coverage, or extra coverage to supplement your current critical illness plan.

Guaranteed premium

Whether you choose the level or step-up premium option, the premium you pay is guaranteed at the time you take up the plan even if the health condition of the life insured changes2.

Conversion option

Offers you one-time option on your 5th policy anniversary to convert your plan to a designated critical illness plan offering more comprehensive protection3, without the need to give us any health information.

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    ManuVital Care is critical illness insurance product provided and underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) (‘Manulife’). The above provides only general information on this product for your reference only and does not contain full terms and conditions on this product.  For full terms and conditions of this product, please see the policy provision. Please download the product leaflet now or ask your insurance advisor for a copy which will give you more details about this product including the ‘Important Information’ showing the product risks.

    1. The juvenile disease CI benefit is available if the policy is issued before the life insured reaches the age of 16 and the life insured is diagnosed with a juvenile disease before the age of 18.
    2. The guaranteed premium is based on the initial basic plan notional amount. For the step-up premium version, premium is relatively lower and remains unchanged in the first 15 policy years, after which it will be increased to a guaranteed, pre-determined amount and will not be changed afterwards.
    3. This option is only available if this policy is issued before age 60 and without any case-based exclusion or extra premium, unless otherwise specified. The designated critical illness plan available and the terms and conditions of the designated critical illness plan, including but not limited to the maximum benefit amount and the elimination period, will be determined by Manulife at its sole and absolute discretion at the time when the conversion is requested. The premium of the designated critical illness plan shall be based on the Manulife’s applicable premium rates in effect, the life insured’s age on the date of conversion and the risk class to which the life insured belongs to under this plan. Please see the section ‘Conversion Option’ of the policy provisions for details.

    Critical illnesses and diseases diagnosed in Mainland China:

    For major CI, early stage CI, juvenile disease diagnosed in Mainland China, we will only recognize the diagnosis made by a specialist medical practitioner of a hospital on the list of designated hospitals in Mainland China we publish. We may revise the list of designated hospitals in Mainland China from time to time without giving you prior notice.