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Change allocation for future investment / premium

Investment-linked Assurance Scheme – Alpha

Step 1: Select the Premium

Step 2: Select the way you would like to allocate your investment choice / fund

Step 3: Select an investment choice / fund you would like to subscribe

Step 4: Input the Allocation Percentage next to the selected investment choice / fund, and click the “SUBMIT” button to proceed

  • Allocation Percentage should be a whole number
  • To make multiple allocations, click the “ADD ROW” button and repeat Steps 3 – 4. If it is not applicable, go to the next step.

Step 5: Verify the details and click the “CONFIRM” button to complete your instruction

Step 6: After your submission is completed, a reference number will be assigned and displayed on the screen

Step 7: You can select “My Portfolio > Individual Insurance > Transaction Log” at the top, then click the respective Transaction Description hyperlinks to check the transaction status and details