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Switch existing investment choices / funds

Mutual Funds / Unit Trusts

Step 1: Click "My Portfolio" at the top, then click "Investment Choice / Fund Switch" under "Wealth Management".

Step 2: Select an Investment Funds account to place a fund switch order.

Step 3: Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all online dealing orders. Please ensure your mobile phone is switched on to receive a one-time PIN (OTP) via SMS.

Please enter the OTP and Transaction Password, and then click the “NEXT” button.

Step 4: Read the Important Notes, check the confirmation boxes and click the “ACCEPT” button.

For a joint Account, please continue with Step 5. For a single name Account, please go to Step 6.

Step 5 (for Joint Account Only): Check the boxes to indicate if you are the Designated Client and any holder of the account whose highest educational qualification is primary school or below, and click the “Confirm” button.

Step 6: Check the box(es) to select fund(s) you wish to switch out and click the “CONTINUE” button.

Step 7: Enter the number of shares to be switched out and select the “Fund to Switch In”. Click “Add Row” if you would like to switch in more than one fund. Then click the “CONTINUE” button.

Step 8: Read the declarations, check the confirmation box, and click the “ACCEPT” button.

Step 9: Review details, and click the “CONFIRM” button to submit the instruction.

Step 10: After your submission is completed, a Transaction Reference Number will be assigned and displayed on the screen. You may click the "SAVE AS PDF" button to keep a record.

Step 11: You may click “Transaction Log” under “Wealth Management”, and then click the Transaction Description hyperlink to check the transaction status and details.