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How to use Investment choice / fund price target alert

Manulife Investment Solutions

How to set a target

Step 1:  Select an investment choice / fund you would like to set a target for

Step 2: Upon an investment choice / fund selected, the page will be automatically refreshed to display its latest price. Input your target price for the selected investment choice / fund and click the “SUBMIT” button to proceed

  • “Target Price” must be expressed in monetary value with maximum 3 decimal places. No percentage is accepted.
  • You are not required to input the word “above” or “below” for the “Target Price” as this will be generated automatically by the system.

Step 3: Upon successful submission, the page will be refreshed to display the target entry. Repeat Steps 1 - 2 if you would like to set a target for other investment choice(s) / fund(s)

Step 4: When the price of the selected investment choice / fund reaches your target, an electronic notification (e-Alert) will be sent to your designated email address

Step 5:  The status of your target entry will be updated as “Completed”. You can click the hyperlink to view the alert details

How to cancel an existing target

Step 1: Click “delete” next to the target entry you would like to cancel

Step 2: A confirmation message box will pop-up. Click the “OK” button to confirm, then the selected target entry will be deleted

  • As soon as the target entry is deleted without being replaced by another target price, the email e-Alert with respect to that investment choice / fund will be terminated.