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A career in financial planning

As a professional financial planner, you serve the important role of a lifelong partner to your customers. You have to appreciate the needs of your customers and tailor-make comprehensive schemes and prepare contingencies to help them achieve their goals.

Our Success Stories

Financial planners can follow a bright career path through a suite of products and professional training programs.

Our unique 3-step approach to financial planning

Putting customers first is our service philosophy; stringent and professional core principles are put into practice when formulating financial planning solutions. Our pioneering and unique 3-step approach to financial planning ensures that services and products fully meet the genuine needs of our customers.

It all begins with our customers. When we welcome customers to Manulife, our first priority is getting to know them, and understanding their dreams and goals. We listen closely and take time to understand their complete financial picture. This allows us to determine the best way to serve them.

After understanding our customers’ needs, expectations and goals, we prepare a customized plan for their future. Then, we recommend insurance and wealth solutions to help bring their dreams to life.

We are with our customers every step of the way, offering guidance, tracking their progress and keeping them in control of their financial future. We make sure that customers know how their plans are working. We regularly review the progress against their goals and recommend changes whenever necessary.

Market opportunities

Be a professional financial planner, and benefit from opportunities in the industry:

Manulife boasts a multifaceted MPF platform that offers a variety of featured funds, helping you benefit from opportunities arising from the Employee Choice Arrangement and fully expanding your customer base.

Manulife holds regular career seminars to familiarize aspiring financial planners with the industry. Prominent guest speakers and high-flying managers are invited to share career insights.


Date: 4th January 2023 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Location: Meeting Room N201, HKCEC


Career Seminar

Manulife holds regular career seminars to familiarize aspiring financial planners with the industry. Prominent guest speakers and high-flying managers are invited to share career insights.


Date: 4th January 2023 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Location: Meeting Room N201, HKCEC


Our Programs

Manulife’s Career of Excellence and Opportunities (C.E.O.) Program is a career development platform especially tailored to those who aspire to a successful career and future leadership positions. 

Manulife IANG Talents (M.I.T.) Program is a career development platform tailored especially to non-local graduates who aspire to future leadership positions.


Manulife has been dedicated to developing university students as professional financial planners through the ManuLeader Development Program (MDP). Each year, seasoned practitioners from all walks of life are invited to pass on practical knowledge and techniques. Through lessons, activities and competitions, students can cultivate their leadership skills and  train to be team players.

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Charting your own development

Manulife offers two distinct career paths and a clear route for career advancement. Allowing you to unleash your potential and play to your strengths, our career development paths ensure that you can map out an ideal career in line with your personal goals.


Agency manager

As an agency manager, you have to demonstrate excellent abilities as a leader and team player. Apart from setting the business goals of your subordinates and managing their work, you have to guide and motivate new recruits, serving as a professional mentor in their career development.

Financial planner

Manulife also offers a clear and transparent career development path for financial planners. As long as you can meet the specified performance requirements, you will receive opportunities for promotion and rewards for your effort.

Financial planning - all you need to know

Financial planning is the process of achieving your life goals through proper management of your finances. At Manulife, we put customers first. We have developed a unique three-step approach to financial planning: Connect, Customize and Grow. Manulife Financial Planners have to understand the needs of their clients, so that they can tailor-make comprehensive and suitable plans.

Manulife is one of the largest MPF providers in Hong Kong, offering an ideal platform for getting in touch with more customers. What’s more, through professional and award-winning training, including small-class teaching, role playing and follow-up training, we transfer professional knowledge and skills step by step to help new recruits start from scratch and steer a steady course forward.

Many newcomers worry about being turned away by potential customers or about meeting new people. Don’t worry though, as you’ll not only benefit from sales training from Manulife, but also best-practice sharing from your own team. Managers provide one-on-one guidance, or may even accompany you when you pay customers a visit. If you are interested in joining Manulife, we are happy to provide the internationally recognized Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) test, helping you understand whether you are suitable for this career.

Being a financial planner is like starting your own business, where you can arrange your own work schedule. Your income potential as a financial planner is based on your performance and can be extremely competitive compared with other professions. Our career development path is very transparent, with promotions earned once you achieve designated targets.

Embarking on a career in financial planning is like running one’s own business; you are no longer a “wage earner” with fixed working hours. Financial planners arrange their own work schedules and work at their own pace.

Kick-start a career in financial planning with us