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Switching existing investment choices / funds

MPF & ORSO – Fund-to-Fund Switch

You may redeem a percentage of the specified fund/investment under your current investment portfolio and invest the redemption proceeds in other fund(s)/investment. Here is an example:

How it works?

1. Your current investment portfolio for your Mandatory contribution is as follows:

Current investment portfolio

2. You submit a Fund-to-Fund Switch instruction for your Mandatory contribution to switch out 50% of your total asset from Fund B to Fund C.

3. 50% of your total asset in Fund B will be redeemed. The redemption proceeds will be invested in Fund C.

Fund Switching

Your new asset allocation for your Mandatory contribution will be as follows:

Investment portfolio after fund switching

Please note that Fund-to-Fund Switch will not change your investment instruction for future contributions (including transfer-in monies).

How to use?

Step 1: Select the contribution type you would like to switch your fund from.

Step 2: Select the existing fund/investment that you would like to switch out:

Step 3: Input the Switch Out percentage(s) next to the fund(s)/investment you would like to invest in and click the "SUBMIT" button to proceed.

Step 4: Verify the details and click the "CONFIRM" button to complete your instruction.

Step 5: After your submission is completed, a reference number will be assigned and displayed on the screen.

Step 6: You can select "My Portfolio > MPF / ORSO / Pension > Transaction Log" from the menu at the top to check the transaction history and status and then click "Fund Switching Instruction - Fund-to-Fund Switch" to check the transaction details.