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Switch existing investment choices / funds

MPF & ORSO – One-time Rebalancing

One-time Rebalancing is a fund switching instruction which enables you to reallocate the investment of the total balance of accrued benefits in respect of the mandatory and/or voluntary portions by specifying the target percentages allotted to the investment choices. The target percentages will be used to determine the target balance for each of the investment choices. The fund switching among all the relevant investment choices will then be carried out based on the difference between the target balance and the current balance of each of the relevant investment choices as per the date of processing.

In the event of switching into the Default Investment Strategy (DIS), the redemption proceeds will be invested in the constituent fund(s) of the DIS in the allocation percentage according to the DIS de-risking table under section 3.1.2 of the Offering Document. In the event of switching out from the DIS, the units to be redeemed from each of the constituent fund(s) of the DIS will be derived from the percentage of the accrued benefits to be switched out from the DIS.

How it works?

1. Your current investment portfolio for your Mandatory contribution is as follows:

Current investment portfolio

Fund name / Investment

Fund Balance (HKD)

Fund A


Fund B


2. You submit a One-time Rebalancing instruction for your Mandatory contribution as follows:

3. Your target balance for Fund A is HKD3,000 (i.e. HKD10,000 x 30%), Fund B is HKD2,000 (i.e. HKD10,000 x 20%) and Fund C is HKD5,000 (i.e. HKD10,000 x 50%). Thus, the difference between the target balance and the current balance, i.e. HKD2,000 of Fund A and HKD3,000 of Fund B will be redeemed and HKD5,000 will be invested in Fund C.


Before rebalancing


After rebalancing

Please note that One-time Rebalancing will not change your investment instruction for future contributions (including transfer-in monies).

How to use?

Step 1: Select the contribution type you would like to rebalance your fund/investment with.

Step 2: Input your target percentage(s) into any fund(s)/investment of your choice, then click the "SUBMIT" button to proceed.

Step 3: Verify the details and click the "CONFIRM" button to complete your instruction.

Step 4: After your submission is completed, a reference number will be assigned and displayed on the screen.

Step 5: You can select "My Portfolio > MPF / ORSO / Pension > Transaction Log" from the menu at the top to check the transaction history and status and then click "Fund Switching Instruction - One-time Rebalancing" to check the transaction details.