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ManuEnrich Medical Top-up Plan

Manulife ManuEnrich Medical Top Up Insurance Plan

Limited Offer

Apply for ManuEnrich Medical Top-up Plan during the promotion period to enjoy 10% premium discount off for the first 5 policy years.

Limited Offer

What is ManuEnrich Medical Top-up Plan?

ManuEnrich Medical Top-up Plan is designed to supplement the life insured’s existing coverage, providing an extra safety net against the burden of rising medical costs by reimbursing up to 90% of eligible medical expenses that are in excess of the life insured’s existing coverage. 

How we got you covered?

Extra safety net

The plan is an add-on to the life insured’s existing group or individual medical plan¹, whether it is a Manulife plan or not.

Simple plan structure

The plan provides a hospital benefit up to HKD1,000,000² per year, with no limit on breakdown items.

Guaranteed renewal³

Lifetime renewal is guaranteed regardless of the life insured’s health condition at the time of renewal.

Guaranteed conversion option⁴

Option to convert to a designated medical plan at age 55, 60 or 65 without medical underwriting, no waiting period will be applied.

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    ManuEnrich Medical Top-up Plan is an insurance product provided and underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). The above provides only general information on this product for your reference only. Please download the product leaflet now or ask your Insurance/Financial Advisor for a copy which will give you more details about this product including the ‘Important Information’ showing the product risks.

    1. All eligible medical expenses must first be claimed under any other available insurance coverage of the life insured. In such cases, the claim under the plan shall only be handled after the claim has been requested to and settled by any other insurance coverage.
    2. Please see the ‘Benefit Schedule’ on the product leaflet for details.
    3. Your policy is renewable annually at each policy anniversary. We have the right to revise the benefits, terms and conditions and premium when you renew your plan. The premiums are not guaranteed and we may adjust them from time to time. Please see the ‘renewal’ and ‘premium adjustment’ paragraphs under the ‘Important Information’ section on product leaflet for details.
    4. The policyowner may convert the plan into another designated medical plan that is offered by us at time of conversion. The plan level of the designated medical plan must be of same or lower level than the plan. The plan will be terminated upon conversion, a new premium based on the latest premium rate as determined by us for the designated medical plan will apply. This conversion option can only be exercised once during the lifetime of the life insured provided that the life insured is not covered by such designated plan before conversion. Please see ‘Conversion Option’ clause in the policy provision for details.
    5. The service is provided by a third party service provider which is an independent contractor and is not our agent. We shall make no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the availability of any medical opinions given by the medical service provider or any services given by the service providers. The services may change from time to time. Please see the latest Emergency Assistance Benefits Provisions for International Medical Assistance for the terms and conditions of the service. Relevant hospital list (if any) may change from time to time.
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